Insurance of your WordPress site

Monitoring WordPress website

Fast rescue when your WordPress / WooCommerce page has crashed or fails.

Backup of WordPress website

Daily backups are performed. Never blindly trust that your provider has a backup that works.

Updating WordPress website

Your WordPress site is constantly updated so that hackers do not ruin it for you.

With WordPress support, your WordPress/WooCommerce website i monitored around the clock, and lightning-fast rescue is provided when your WordPress/WooCommerce website has crashed or fails. With WordPress support, the problem gets solved so you are quickly online again.

You should not blindly trust that your provider has a backup that works when your WordPress website goes down, or that their support is willing to help when things go wrong when you try to install a backup you made yourself. With WordPress support, daily backups are performed of your entire WordPress/WooCommerce installation, including your database, files an plugins. When the accident happens, the WordPress support will replace your WordPress/WooCommerce website with the latest backup, and the support will not let you go until everything works again and is updated.

WordPress is by far the most used system for websites. This is mostly an advantage as it is always possible to find answers to one's problems. Unfortunately, it also attracts hackers who are trying to destroy your WordPress website. Therefore, your website should always be kept up to date so that hackers won't get into your system. With WordPress support, your website and plugins gets constantly updated and nothing is ever updated without completely backing up your WordPress site first. For good reasons, the built-in automatic updates of WordPress/WooCommerce is not trusted, as things does not always go well.


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